Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Applying Techniques to produce Digital Images

Me, Myself and I
For this one i wanted to do something different, rather than just have 10 me's standing around a room. To make it a challenge i decided to have all the bodies interlocking and touching. This made height and perspective very important. As my camera was going to sydney for the duration of this assignment i had to get the photographs done within three days, before it left. This proved to be difficult as it rain none stop for those three days. I decided toset up studio inside and take to photo's there, controlling all the elements and lighting. As there was no directional lighting, just a white wash, i could choose to put myself into any photo and re-create the light that was needed, so i decided to go with a simple city street, with all the colour washed out and make the 10 interlocking me's the focal point.
A Brush with Fame
For this part of the assignment, I wanted myself to blending in but at the same time stand out. Rather than just putting my shoulders up into the background of a paperazzi photo, i decided to add myself to a cast shot, . Here I could create the double take element that i was going for, he second look because i don't really belong there once you notice who i am and who i'm with.
For this i wanted to do something a little bit abstract and alternative. having to include forty different things made my start think of the children's " I Spy" books, and so i set out to re-create my own version of one.
My forty items:
  1. Love
  2. Clouds
  3. Flying Machine
  4. Hot Air Balloon
  5. Kids swinging
  6. Fish
  7. Balloons
  8. Boat
  9. Jumping Fish
  10. Sea Horse
  11. Love Harts
  12. Umbrella Man
  13. Penny Cycle
  14. Mermaid
  15. Ball and Chain
  16. Diver
  17. Bubbles
  18. Key
  19. Clock
  20. Leaning Tower of Pisa
  21. Big Ben
  22. Effiel Tower
  23. Habour bridge
  24. Clock
  25. Vatican
  26. Rain
  27. Wallpaper
  28. Treasure Chest
  29. Little Swimmer
  30. Buoy
  31. Skeleton
  32. Snail
  33. Clamshell
  34. Fishing People
  35. Bucket
  36. Octopus
  37. Flags
  38. Starfish
  39. Sun
  40. Love

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Digital Arts Magazine

This was just me having fun after i had finished the one below. At the start of the year i vectorized a drawing I had done, so i thought it fitting for this magazine cover seening as it's featuring vector art.

...and with the floating Castle vector art that we had to re-create

There Design Communication
  • Advertising
  • Architecture/interiors
  • Art
  • Branding
  • Corporate
  • Design
  • Fashion
  • Identity
  • Motion
  • News
  • Packaging
  • Photography
  • Press
  • Posters
  • Retail
  • Web
  • Branding/ID
  • Print
  • Web
Image Mechanics
  • Branding
  • ID
  • Web
  • Videos
  • Print
The creative Company
  • Logo
  • Design
  • Branding
  • Web
  • Marketing
  • Photography
  • E-news
Blossom Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Print
  • Web
  • Illustration
  • Buisness Cards
  • Packaging
  • Vouchers
*Female Based, reatil specialist

Mark Studio
  • Web
  • Logo
  • Print
  • iPhone apps
Percept Brand Design
  • Print
  • Web
  • Marketing
  • Advertising Campagns
  • Graphic Design
  • Branding
  • Brochure
  • Flyer
  • Packaging
  • Stationary
Yolo Creative Agency
  • Typeface
  • retail
  • clubs
  • Editorials

Magazine cover

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

here's just some screen shots of my website as i have no where to host the thing. The below is opening splash page, it has a revolving gif, as you would have seen in my presentation, but for some reason it dosen't want work when i upload it, so nevermind.

Here is just an example of the coding for the website that i built, this is just the home page with the animated gif and menu bar with the links.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jaffy Chef (CSU)

My friend over at the Uni is doing a remake of Master Chef for the first year television production students and asked me to re create the logo with a J instead of an M.
So here it is, on it's own and below is the open credits.

Alexander Peirce

So... he's the background to the shoot that i went to on Monday and Tuesday.

Pearce led an escape from Macquarie Harbour Penal Settlement and became notorious for cannibalising his fellow escapees as they travelled through the West Coast of Tasmania.[1]

Pearce escaped with seven other convicts: Alexander Dalton, Thomas Bodenham, William Kennerly, Matthew Travers, Edward Brown, Robert Greenhill and John Mather. Kennerly and Brown voluntarily gave themselves up and were taken back to the settlement, where they died in the prison hospital from disease and malnutrition. Pearce and the others continued without them.[1]

Pearce was eventually captured near Hobart and confessed that he and the others had cannibalised each other over a period of weeks, he being the last survivor. Pearce and Greenhill had been the final two, each struggling to stay awake for days out of fear the other would kill him. Greenhill finally nodded off and Pearce killed him with an axe, then eating him. Pearce made it to the settled districts, being sheltered by a convict shepherd until he was captured several months later. The Hobart magistrate did not believe Pearce's cannibalism story and was convinced the others were still living as bushrangers. Pearce was returned to Sarah Island.[3]

Within a year he escaped a second time, joined by a young convict named Thomas Cox. Pearce was captured within ten days. His captors found parts of Cox's body in Pearce's pockets, even though he still had food left. Pearce confessed that he had killed Cox because he was a hindrance to him. Pearce was taken to Hobart, where he was tried and convicted of murdering and cannibalising Thomas Cox. He was hanged at the Hobart Town Gaol at 9am on 19 July 1824, after receiving the last rites from a priest.[1]

So after two flat tires, clutch problems and a trip to the mechanic, four out of the five cars made it to remote Victoria....3 hrs behind schedule.

The whole project is s documentary, but here we were just shooting the dramatizations.

And now the picies!!