Friday, February 26, 2010

Playing around with Photoshop

These are just a few drawings i did and scanned in to photoshop and the played around with; adjusting the colour balance, vibrancy and removing flare from the scanner.

Arts and Crafts

Here is my version of a William Morris inspired Arts and crafts artwork. Took my around 6 hours to draw and around another 6 to render.... Hello Blisters!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Long Exposure and Scene Modes

DC_0141 Macro Artistic barrier between TAFE steps and balcony.

DC_0144 Landscape Corner of Colman st, opposite TAFE grounds

DC_0156 Macro TAFE front reception garden

DC_0139 AF D Block front step railing

DC_0149 Manual Focus Tree nut on fence

DC_130 Scene Mode TAFE fire stairs from 2nd story

These are Photo's i took while my wonderful teacher/partner Pete, was trying to teach me long exposure the other night. Some thought are from Luna Park back home in Sydney.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Here's just a few examples of a polaroid photo that i really like. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"The Grass is Always Greener on The Other Side"

My thinking behind my approach to this task was that the grass is only as green as you choose to see it, i.e we all see it a different way which is what the glasses represent- we all see differently.

Ten Favourite Photo's

Edward Steichen

Love the contrasting between the dark lace and the brilliance of the white in the young woman's face. i think the framing of the photogrpah is very well done.the centred face with the eye's that draw you in, confront you the moment you take just a glimps of it. he subject herself is wonderfully beautiful, howver hiden behind the lace, perhaps in an attempt to hide her self or her insecurities.

Robert Adams

I fell this photograph captures the escense of a canival through the contrasting black and white- the brilliance of the rides lights. I love the way Adam's has framed all the rides with in the storm cloud, leaving just a bit of clear sky poking through. I think it great how Adam's has captures such a fast paced environment into a simple image, encapsulating everythinga canival is, bright lights. but with such a fast shutter, spped, Adams has cancelled out any motion blur. Creating this beatuiful, still moment in time, of such a hectic environment.

Jeff Wall

I really like the way Wall has used the setting it's self to frame up the man and his living space. he wall filled with plates and cans, up across the ceiling to wherethe light globs finish and down to the sheets hangingup on the right. with that frame, is a world of it's own, a man living a simple exsistance underneith the pwoer of technology. the prodominant use of natural tones help to emphasize the brilliance of each on light bulb.

Gregory Crewdson

I love the colour in this photograph, the vibrance and the sharpness of it and he strong use of pastel tones, comparred to the strong vibrant red petals. The frame of the woman on the right, surround by the petals is a wonderful way, which i really like,to draw the eye in and then lead you off into the lounge room, simple by following the trail of petals. It's a very creative way of forcing the viewer to take in every apsect of the photograph. i really like the way crewdson has only lit up key elements of the photo that he wishes to be the centre of attention i.e the woman, the bathroom and the lounge room. he has used the light to help tell the story and bring out the ares's i which, uptill this moment captured in time, all the action took place.

Martin Parr

i really like the way Parr has positioned the subject directly in the centre of the frame, the entire focus is on her with no negaitve space. The way the sequins and the camera flash contrast against the stark black background, really making the figure stand off the page. I think the colour in this is fantastic, the red nails against the nude golen tones, really gives the portrait character and life.

Cindy Sherman

Sherman uses her self as a vehicle of commentary, not of self portraiture. I love the way she is the subject and is positioned below the camera, it is controlling her, it has the power. The contrast between Cindy's dark jacket and the wall really emphasizes the glossy tripod leg which leads your eye up the the camera which is the power figure in this photopraph.

Tony Vaccaro

i love the contrast between the majority of black and the minority of Wright's hat. Also the way the shadow is so dark on the right handside, yet the keys remain a vibrant white and a focal point. Another aspect of this photograph ha i really like id the way the piano takes up the entire frame, creating the sense that the piano is Wright's world at the moment intime as he has his back to the camera and is just absorbed into his musical world.

Richard Billingham

This photograph of richard Billingham's mother is very reminisant of Titian "Venus of Urbino", in the way the subject, Billingham's mother, is sprawled across the lounge. The photograph has a real natural feel as Billingham has not played with the lighting or edited the photograph. I like this as it means that even no names such as Billinghams mother can be a beautiful as "Venus of Urbino" i a split second natural environment.


Araki has created this wonderfully soft, peacful and calming image with the use of greys and shadows and the elimination of stark contrasts between black and white. The Subject has soft folded hands which are mirroring the gentle flow of the vines and the fluidity that they have created, drawing your eye's softly up and down the photograph. Although the subject has been positioned centrally, Araki has still left the woman veiwing space which balances it out nicly.

Larry Clark

I love the sprawling, experimental, explicit reliving of his teen years, that Clark is doing here through this photograph, exposing the rawness, vunerability and uncertainty of adolescence. The Subject, a young teenage boy, is very dark with the light coming from behind,which really makes him stand out well. As he is positioned in the centre you cannot escape his glare and the wonderful way Clark has portrayed the innocence in the face but the toughness in the subjects body language and clothing. Clark has captured the erract time between the innocence of childhood and becoming a teenager, which i why this is such a captivating and engaging image and my favourite photograph of Lary Clark.

Fruity Fun

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pete's Showreel

This is a short compilation of my work. Featured in this video is my film "Boiling Oil" and a film I edited "Sk8 for life" The film was used as part of a presentation to the Sutherland Shire Council in August 2007 aiming to create an Outstanding Community Focused Skate Facility at the Eastern End of the Sutherland Shire, Sydney. As a result the Council made a unanimous vote in favour of the motion.

The Iraq footage I used in my film Boiling Oil was provided by and the users, thank you very much!

If you would like to contact me, do not hesitate to email me:

My loverly loverly Petey won photo of the week!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Get The Glass Review

Today we played the game "Get The Glass", here's my thoughts and what nots on it;

*At one's first look it's a very cute and colour full environment that has been created, very remenisant of Fireman Sam or Postman Pat, but in the 20th century with all it's fandangle technology.
*I think the idea of a computar game to enforce or prompot the drinking of milk in the younger generations of society is a very good idea. Howver, i think woth the element of "racing the clock", trying to have the best time and score up on the leader board, players scan over the instructions with subcontextual information with the importance of drinking milk so they can keep the game going faster and their time down.
*All in all i was very impressed with "Get the Glass". The amount of minute attention to detail was awe inspirring; each tree, coble stone or shadow.
What sold it for me, and was the clearest message of the importance of calcium, through the juxtoposition of the pure white glass of milk and it's dirty surrounding. (Howver i am alot older than the target market and thus can veiw it that way.)
Final verdict: 20min of good fun that never hurt anyone.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

.....And a new post is born.

Ok so this is my first ever post..... here goes!!