Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Childern's book

For my children book i was aiming for the age group of early school, around six and seven. By now they have a better concept or understanding of more detailed imagery and although they cannot read fluently just yet, they can still understand and follow a more in depth storyline that's being read to them. This allowed for a little more creation in my children book.
At first i started off trying to decide which sentences i wanted to illustrated and then i had the real trouble of trying to pick which part of the sentance i wanted to illustrate because multiple sentances have more than one action in them.I began by drawing out the character in the sentance in it's action poses of with a particular expression on it's face, to see if anything caught my eye or any kind of layouts were formed.
As my original characters were very detailed, they made it hard to recreate them standing at all different angles. once i draw something that's it, i find it very hard to recreate it. so i decide to draw alot of my character Max, a dog. a lot of the sentences involving Max had a lot of action or describing in them, so for a children book and the fact that we are only doing a few pages from it, i thought i would focus on him.
Here are some of the illustrations i started out with:
After getting all the images out of my head i started working on how i wanted to layout each page. In the beginning, before i got a hold of an assignment sheet, i started by having a almost comic book style layout, no background work, just the action images floating in the white background. this way i could fit the entire sentence worth of action onto one page, by having multiple images of the character.

Max & the

by Sally Willer

One morning when Uggy woke up he realized that something was not right.

Gappa was walking around in circles muttering to himself, "mum mum mum my glove, mumumumumum my glove."

What's wrong Uggy thought to himself, but then realised that Gappa snooki had no hat and no snooki goes out with out a hat.

Uggy Snooki rushed over to where Nang and Minip were sleeping to wake them and in no time at all they were all standing around Gappa.

"What's wrong Gappa?" Minip asked.

"It it it it came wid wid wid it's wet nose an g-g-g-giant feet, an an an stoooooole mum mum mum my glove."

"Look! I see foot prints!Quick follow me." and as always Nang took off without thinking.

Uggy and Minip rounded the corner to see Nang cornerd by Max.

"Oh no, what are we going to do? Max has Nang cornered whilst he burries Gappa's glove in the garden."' said Minip.

"Don't worry, i have a plan," said Uggy, as he rushed off.

Uggy had gone to find Bebad and ask him to scare Max away with his loud rock music.

Bebad came to the rescue and belted out his tunes, so loud that they scared Max away, freeing Nang and Gappa's glove.

"I feel bad for Max, we shouldn't have scared his like that, we should apologies," said Minip.

so the Snooki family went and found where Max was hiding and said sorry for scaring him.

"I just wanted to play with the glove, i didn't want to hurt anybody,"said Max.

And after that Max and the Snooki's all played happily together.

My illustrations:

This is page 6 and page 7
Page 6 it's Gappa's description of what happen to his glove, what took it. So i decided to illustrate Max taking Gappa's glove. And because Gappa was asleep when all this happened, the background setting i s bedroom with i cloths pile which is where Gappa was sleeping.

Page 7 is when Nang discovers the muddy foot prints left behind by max's and goes racing off after him. Leaving Uggy and Minip starting there calling out after him, telling him to wait.

page 6 page 7

Pages 11 and 12 are at the hieght of the story. Page 11 see's Bebad the rocking snooki come the the rescue with his amp and blasts his music so loud that it scares Max away. this is seen in page 12 where Max is running away through the door beacause he was frighten by Bebad.

page 11 page 12