Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Modern Kraft Posters

After being given the following information,
Modern Kraft
Graphic Design Conference
May 24-28
Sydney Convention &Exhibition Centre
265mm x 600mm
we were to create a poster. Afterwards we cretiqued everyone's and offered feed back and constructive critisim.
Here's what was said about my creations; This poster was very well recieved, people really like the picturing in the text, oppossed to standard solid colour. However, it was said that on a quick glance, say driving past the poster, you can't read it. the suggestion was made that i should create a sub tittle, maybe under the 'r' to renforce the name, and to also make the information text stand out more and include somewhere that it is a Graphic Design Conference. Another comment was made that when apealing to graphic designers, this is exactly what they will be drawn to. it brakes all normal conventions and sparkes a creative interest.
This poster got the most comments, people liking it and also commenting on the fact that the heading in difficult to read and that i should either edit the heading or, again, create a lower tittle to renforce what the name of the conference is. Again this poster was complemement on it's graphic elements and use of abstract. it was said that this poster would go better on t-shirts, bags or a banner at the conference, better than others beacuse of it's artistic style. it was also commented that the use of the rainbow gradient was a very bold move, and going against everything graphic designers beleive is wrong, but has paid of and come out really well.
This was my first attempt at the poster, it wasn't as well as recieve as my other posters, it didn't stand out as much due to the negative space in white. however, it was commented on the good use of negative space and how it givs the poster room the breath. People liked how the Modern Kraft tittle was broken in the middle with the "Graphic Design Conference" text. The comment was also made that it was a very bold and brave step into abstract, which worked very well, i now just need to refine it. it was also said the the modern kraft heading needed to stand out a little more, bolder.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Typographic Art

This a recontextulisation etching i did of a Leonardo Da Vinci, Anatomical drawing. I had a series of six for my HSC. This was my favourite out of all of them, so i decided i would recreate it typograhically. I loved doing this typographic artwork, it was full of lines and shadows, which allowed for some creative trial and errors using the type.

Childrens Characters

Have you ever wondered where that one sock goes?........ No it doesn't end up at the other side of the universe.

Meet "The Snookis". These are my children's character creation. They live in the dirty cloths pile in the corner of the room. The Snookis choose to "borrow" items of clothing to wear.
Introducing Nang, Mr know-it-all, or at least he like to think so. Nang often gets the gang in trouble with his parading of not so accurate wisdom.
If it's too loud, then you're too old. The insightful words of Bebad the rocker. Ever wondered where that other ski glove went? on Bebad's head, rocking it out in front of the family Hi FI.
For all your action packed adventure in pint size fun, Uggy is your Snooki. Nothings too big or too scary for Uggy.
For the feminne touch, and decorator of the pile in which they call home, Minnip is the boys mother for all intensive purposes. But she's no push over, watch out because Minnip will stand her ground and can pack a punch.
For a word of wisdom that makes no sense at all, or to just sit back and watch as he tries to put tooth paste on his feet. Gappa is the oldest Snooki living in the pile, and may have breathed in too many deadly sock fumes in his life time.

Thursday, April 1, 2010