Monday, September 20, 2010

What is a deadline?

What is a deadline?
Something set by either a higher power or be it your self to ensure that all work is completed on time and the process continues to move forward.

What is involved in making a deadline?
Sacrifices, discipline, balancing, prioritising, controlling time management.

What are the consequences of breaking a deadline?
loss of a client, unemployment, loss of trust/ salary

What can you do to better make deadlines?
time management/ time lines and prioritising

How do deadlines alter perceptions of business and individuals?

How do general business deadlines differ from graphic design deadlines?
general business can be be completed the next day, small rep remand, where as graphic design can loss a client, unemployment, wage, reputation or trust for missing a deadline.

Technical challenges of a GD

What are they? / what are the technical challenges of a GD
-intricacy of text
-technical challenges of colour
-principles and elements

What resources are out there?

What is your annual budget?
no budget per say was set, it was more an assessment at the time of it's necessity, how will it help, will another version come out in a month, can i learn it some other way then if need be it was purchased regardless of it's price because it's a necessity to keep up with the technology, skills and trends.

How could an ABN benefit your financial approach to resources?
claim it back through tax as a business requirement.

How do the major plate forms affect the technical approaches to projects (mac v PC)
-in video editing on a mac plate form, mac chews threw the data i.e rending
-unlike on a PC the mac can render twice as fast without crashing, it handles large amounts of information better.
-can connect to most equipment without set up procedures
-photoshop, illustrator, indesign and so on can handle larger images or file sizes
- however for programming, wed design or formatting a PC is the better options.


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